How To Win In A Bean Bag Toss Game? – The Winning Guide

Wining is a passion. So, as a cornhole player, you should be equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to keep the game on your hand.

As a well-experienced player, I like to share my hands-on experience and some secrets with you. 

Please read the full article and grab some tips and tricks! It will show you a winning path.  

Before moving to them, let’s check how to score!

how to win bean bag toss game

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Scoring In Bean Bag Toss Game

I hope you have good knowledge about how to play the bean bag toss game. However, if you need more details about cornhole game, click here.

Scoring is a significant part of any game. You should score the highest points at the inning’s end to win the bean bag toss tournament. The winning score is 21 points. So, if a player or team scores exactly 21 points, they will win the game.

Here, each team has four bean bags, and if the player tosses the bean bag into the hole, that player can score 3 points.

If tossed bean bag put on the cornhole board, that toss can score 1 point. However, if bean bags hang on the board and touch the ground, that tossing will not achieve any point.

Rather than that, there are some other ways to lose your marks. They are calling as fouls. As a cornhole game player, you should have good knowledge about fouls. Then you can be careful to avoid these types of throws.

Foul Tosses

  1. If any player tosses their bean bag by violating the cornhole game rules, that toss considers a foul.
  2. A throw is considered a foul if a contestant crossed or contacted the foul line while passing a bean bag.
  3. It was a foul when a contestant stepped outside of the pitching box while releasing the bean bag.
  4. If bean bag pitched from another pitcher box, rather than firstly tossed pitcher box.
  5. Any bean bag that contacted the court before coming to the bean bag board.
  6. Any bean bag stuck in a previously defined object such as an indoor ceiling, tree limb, wire cord, etc.
  7. Any bean bag that leaves in a player’s hand after the end of pitching time.

Now you know how to lose your marks. So, the game is in your hand! 

For example, think one team tosses their bean bag according to the following order and gets the following marks. Let’s clarify this further with an example!

Team A

1 bean bag toss into the board’s hole3
2 bean bags toss onto the cornhole board2
1 bean bag toss into the outside of the board
or hung on the board while touching the ground
Total Score5

So, according to the above tosses, team A scored 5 marks at the end of this inning.

Team B

Let’s check how team B scores their marks.

2 bean bags toss into the board’s hole6
1 bean bag toss onto the cornhole board1
1 bean bag toss into the outside of the board
or hung on the board while touching the ground
Total Score7

Here team B scores the highest marks. So, after ending the inning, the lowest score will deduct from the highest score.

As an example, five should be deducted from 7. The answer is 2.

These 2 points will give the team that scores the highest marks in this inning. So here, team B got 2 points. Then team B got the chance to toss the bean bag first.

Like that, this game continues until one team scores exactly 21 points. If any team exceeds 21 points, they return to the 11 points again.

Besides 21-point scoring, there is another method to win the bean bag toss game. Suppose one team scores seven or more points at the inning’s end, but their opponent cannot score any point. In this type of situation, the marks scored team wins the match, and this situation is called “Skunks.”

12 Strategies To Win The Bean Bag Toss Game

Whether you play in the backyard or tournament, you should know some strategies to win the match. The Bean bag toss game is not about putting the bag into the hole. It is the game where you should know the exact place or edge that can beat some of the best.

Also, you must be more clever than the opponent or the opponent team to win the game!

win cornhole

Strategy 1: Keep Calm And Toss The Bean Bag

Mind peace is a crucial element that leads you to success. It is one of the top secrets of every winner. So, before starting the game, keep calm and focus on your aim. Then go to the pitcher’s box and toss the bag.

Strategy 2: Position Your Foot Correctly

You cannot change the side you toss. But you can change the leg style and position.

Footwork plays a massive role in cornhole games. So, you should pay attention to how to place your feet to line up your toss.

However, most people have doubts about whether stepping or not stepping is better for playing a game successfully.

So, here I share the answer.

Strategy 3: Grab Bean Bag Correctly

Tossing a bean bag into the board’s hole is not magic. Also, just tossing a bean bag is not enough. At the straightforward step, that throw should be perfect. That’s how players score their points.

Most beginners grab bean bags from corners and throw them. However, we cannot say it is wrong. But most of these throwing are not put into the targets. So, try the below strategy.

Strategy 4: Flatter Bean Bags Always Do A Better Job

Do not spin the edges of the bean bag before tossing it because it may cause to rotate the bean bag on its horizontal axis when it hits the board. As a result, it may bounce and throw out from the board.

So, if you need a win a game, always keep your bean bag at fattened state. Then, it will land on the cornhole board correctly and accurately.

Strategy 5: Try Spin Throwing

Do you ever watch baseball or cricket matches? Then you may know how players deliver reliable spines.

Yes, spin is an excellent technique for having a bean bag slide in the hole. It is much easier than putting a bean bag directly into the hole.

Here, when a player throws spin throwing, he knows where that bean bag moves. So, if you need to win the bean bag game, it is essential to know it. Then you can plan the game accordingly.

Strategy 6: Use Wrist Throw

Why do most professional players love to toss bean bags with wrist throws?

A wrist throw is a way to change the rotation speed of the bean bag. Also, it will deliver as a super spin shot. As a result, the wrist throw can plow other bean bags off the cornhole board. The speed wrist throw can bounce off bags and ricochet in.

Strategy 7: Toss The Bean Bag At The Correct Angle

Some beginners throw their bean bags with a line drive. But it is not a good practice. Also, it doesn’t add massive force to the bag. Why didn’t I recommend this style?

If you toss a bean bag with a fast and line-drive pattern, it will bounce. As a result, it may slide or jump off the board.

Moreover, fast-ball style toss is less accurate. So, there is a high possibility of missing your aim. So, it would be best to toss the bean bag with a bit of arc. Make sure it lands flat on the cornhole board. Also, it doesn’t add massive force to the bag.

Strategy 8: Toss The Bean Bag At The Top Of The Cornhole Board

Get aim for the top of the cornhole board. The board’s top edge is positioned at a 12-inch height from the ground. Due to this angle, when your bean bag hits the board, it will be slippery down into the hole.

Here, do not throw the bean bag speedily. It will cause bounce bean bag out of the board. So, gentle speed and underarm throw are the best.

It is a matter of the preference of each player. However, if you are a right-hand player, put your left foot forward. If you are a left-hand player, put your right foot forward. Using this method, you can learn about the toss, whether you step.

Strategy 9: Beat The Opponent By Blocking The Hole

If you have a play with the well-talented player, he will probably toss almost all bean bags into the hole or board. So, earning or scoring points is not enough to win the game. To take the game into your hand, you should apply some tactics.

Block the board hole by using a bean bag. Then opponents have to face trouble when putting their bags into the hole. Or else, accidentally, their bag will help put your bean bag into the hole.

However, if you face the same situation, what should you do?

Use airmail shot! It is the best way to throw your bean bag straight for the hole without touching the board. I know, now you will say it is hard! But not impossible!

Even when your opponent blocks the entrance, this is the only way to put your bean bag into the hole. So, get some sills to toss this shot when you are practicing. Every pro-level players are good at the airmail shot. So, they score more marks.

Strategy 10: Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

Practice is the only word that can sharpen your skills to win the game. So, before you search for methods to win the game, you should practice relevant throwing techniques.

The tossing style will depend from player to player. There is no universal method. You should practice and find your own way to toss a bean bag into the hole.

Practice is the only thing that can direct you to a trophy!

Strategy 11: Throw Your Opponent’s Focus Off

In the game, you have to follow different tricks and tips. However, I cannot say that they are entirely ethical. On the other hand, these are not prohibited in-game rules. So, you can use them to win the game.

You just have to throw the opponent player’s focus into other think. Just try the below tips. You can stat little chat with the opponent player. Or else, tell some jokes and make them laugh.

Just a simple step can change the whole game nicely.

Strategy 12: Do Not Drink Prohibited Beverages And Alcohol

Winning the game is the final desire of every player. Also, to win any game, you should have enough skills and apply the correct strategies. However, it would be best to play it genuinely to become a proud winner. So, do not use any prohibited drinks.

Drinking water is okay during the tournament. However, most professional players do not drink at least water while playing the match. Because sometimes over drink water also can make you uncomfortable. Thus, they do not take a risk.

Final Thoughts

Winning the trophy is not one task. It is a cumulative result of every single step. So, if you want to win the bean bag toss game, you should focus on each step. You have followed some tactics from the position in the pitcher’s box to the bean bag hit on the cornhole board. These tactics are the secret to success.

Moreover, it is essential to know the places where you can lose points and how to earn points. On the other hand, it is a little tricky to change the opponent’s mindset in legal ways.

But it is not enough. Keep your mind calm and apply techniques at the best level. You will win in the game if luck also is with you!

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