Make a Mini Bean Bag – 4 Methods Explained

A mini bean bag is a small soft sac filled with tiny beans. The most common filler types used to fill mini bean bags are rice and raw beans. Rather than that, some people use expanded polystyrene balls. 

Sometimes, you may doubt the purpose of ordinary bean bags and mini bean bags. The regular bean bag is used for sitting purposes. But here, a mini bag is a soft toy specially designed for kids. It can use for several funny games too.

What are they?

  • Balance bean bag on head and shoulders 
  • Bean bag toss
  • Throw and catch the bean bag
  • Play hot potato
  • Juggling

Mainly these are the primary activities that help to improve kids’ physical and mental health. Also, the mini bean bag is a beautiful toy that improves eye detection and hand movements. Due to its loose and flexible structure, it is perfectly matched for small children. 

Indeed, as a parent, you might have made at least one mini bean bag for your kids. So, if you do not know the correct method, do not worry; I will teach. 

The best thing is to use existing resources to make a mini bean bag. Further, you can create it within 15-20 minutes. Yes, it is that much easy. Let’s see how!

make a mini bean bag

Table of Contents

Filler for Mini Bean Bag

Due to its small size and lightweight, kids can easily use this soft toy. On the other hand, most parents use raw beans to fill these mini bean bags. 

Why do they refuse artificial beans like EPS beads?

These are kid toys. Thus, we cannot predict accidents. Also, kids are the cute bunnies who always love to do experiments. Therefore, if they break or lose the seams, the beans can be spilled out.

So, if you use EPS beads, they can inhale into the kid’s respiratory system. On the other hand, kids are at risk of eating these polyester beads.

But if you use natural fillers like rice, beans, or any other food-grade seed, the risk is minimized. Also, they are free from toxic and free from hazardous health materials.

However, keep in mind that the raw beans are susceptible to environmental factors such as mist and wet conditions. Also, they can be threatened by the pest and rodents too. Keep in mind these factors also.  

Fabric for Mini Bean Bag

Kids and toddlers mainly use mini bean bags. Therefore, it is better to use soft fabrics such as flannel, cotton, linen, and velvet. 

However, when choosing fabrics, try to select a bit dark colors. The light colors will get dirty quickly. Also, check whether your fabric is machine washable or not. 

Kids love colorful and designed fabrics. So, if you can find them, use them. 

Here, you do not need brand-new fabrics. You can use small fabric portions from old bedsheets, curtains, or towels. The most important thing is when you are taking them, make sure these are not subject to decay. 

The shape of the Mini Bean Bag

Moreover, you can create a mini bean bag according to your preferred shape. The square, rounded and rectangular shapes are the most common ones. But if you want to make a bit uncommon bean bag, you can create a pyramid-shaped mini bean bag. 

The shape of the mini bean bag is essential, especially playing games. 

Moreover, this bean bag should be catchable with your kid’s hands. Consider that factor when you are deciding the mini bean bag size. 

After clarifying your requirement, follow the guidelines of mini bean bag preparation.

Different Methods to Make a Mini Bean Bag At Home

Make a Square Shaped Mini Bean Bag

Required materials

  • Suitable fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Beans/ rice
  • Scissor

Step 1: Take the fabric and draw two 6 x 6 inches square there.

You can customize your diameters according to the requirements. Here, I am going to prepare a 6 x 6 inches one.

Step 2: Cut the drawn designs.

When you cut the drawn shapes, allow little space from the line. It will be essential to sewing the mini bean bag.

Step 3: Set the original sides of the fabrics together and sew.

You can follow the drawn lines to stitch the corners. As a kid toy, double seaming is essential for its safety.

When you are sewing, allow 2, 3 inches of free space. It is useful when filling the beans into the mini bean bag.

Step 4: Turn inside out the bean bag.

Step 5: Fill the beans into the mini bean bag.

Use the space that you leave in step 3 to fill the beans. Also, to fill beans speedily, you can use a funnel.

However, if you are unable to find one, you can create a funnel-type structure by bending the cardboard piece. Then set its mouth part to the bean bag and fill the beans.

Do not fill the beans until the bag becomes fully compressed. Fill the appropriate amount that can maintain the loose texture of the bean bag.

Step 6: Close the bean bag.

You can use a needle and thread to enclose the left space manually. If not, bend the free fabric part and fix it using the pins. The pins will separate beans, and then it is easy to sew. Then stitch the whole edge using a sewing machine.

Step 7: Done.

Now you will have a fabulous cute bean bag. Please give it to your kids and let them enjoy it!

You can follow these same steps to create a cover for your mini bean bag. But take these dimensions one inch larger than an inner bag.

When preparing the mini bean bag cover, attach a zipper at one end. Then you can easily remove the cover and wash it if necessary.

Make a Rectangular Shape Mini Bean Bag

The only difference between the rectangular bean bag is the dimensions. For the previous method, we take 6 x 6 inches of fabric.

However, you can take 5 x 7 inches or 5 x 8 inches here. Furthermore, you can try any dimensions as you prefer.  

After cutting the rectangular pieces, follow the steps mentioned in the previous method.

Make a Round shaped Mini Bean Bag

People have different interests and different choices. Kids are also the same; they have various choices! Some kids love to play with round shape mini bean bags.

However, making a bean bag is the same as the above methods. The only difference is you should take two circular shape fabric pieces.

Here you can use a round shape plate to draw a circle.

Then, follow the above steps!

Make a Pyramid Shaped Mini Bean Bag

Step 1: Cut five fabric pieces with 6 x 6 inches dimensions.

Step 2: Take one part and mark the center of the one edge.

Then draw a triangular like this. Cut it while allowing some fabrics for sewing purposes.

Likewise, cut the four triangular.

Step 3: Keep the side edges of these triangular together and sew them.

When you are sewing, always use the back sides of the fabrics.

Step 4: Set the base square shape fabric to this cone-shaped design.

Allow a few inches to fill beans while you are sewing.

Step 5: Fill the beans and enclose the opening.

As a final step, fill the beans and enclose the free space.

Now you may have a beautiful pyramid-shaped mini bean bag. Using this soft toy, you can teach your kids about the beautiful stories of the pyramid era and Egyptian culture.

Final Thoughts

Making a mini bean bag is an easy task. It needs very few resources. Thus, you do not need to purchase raw materials separately. You can use existing things. 

So, you can be a proud parent by making this fantastic sac free of cost. Also, try to participate your kid to do this funny activity.

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