Can You Spray Paint a Bean Bag?

Bean bags are a bit different from other furniture. Thus, you may think about whether I can spray paint on a bean bag?

You can spray paint on a bean bag under specific conditions. This process will depend on bean bag fabric, filler types, and paint types because different paints contain different chemical compositions. Also, you should ensure that paint spray is non-toxic and compatible with bean bag fabric. Thus, before using paint, you must ensure that spray does not adversely affect your bean bag. 

Sometimes you may wonder why people want to spray paint on bean bags, why they cannot replace their bean bag cover?

The answer is, every bean bag fades off-color over time. Moreover, replacing bean bag covers may be expensive and complicated. Because of that, people are looking for simple solutions rather than complex ones.  

Let’s look at this exciting topic bit deep!

spray paint on bean bags

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Type of Bean Bags Suitable for Spray Paint

You cannot spray paint on every bean bag. So, it is essential to identify a suitable bean bag that can spray paint. 

Think, if your bean bag is made with non-porous fabric like leather, they can’t retain the paint long. These paints will peel off over time. So, if you want to change the color of that kind of bean bag, you should follow different techniques. 

Moreover, some spray paints can change the fabric’s texture. If I explain this further, some paints change soft, comfy materials into hardy rough ones. 

Do you like to lose the super comfy feel of your bean bag? Big No! 

Hence, you should apply appropriate paint to protect your bean bag’s texture. Generally, cotton, linen, silk, and denim fabrics work better with paint.

Bean Bag Fillers and Spray Paints

Rather than fabric type, you have to pay attention to filler type. If spray paint touches with filler, that may cause the filler to stick each other.

Sometimes fillers may shrink because of the paints. Therefore, It is not recommended to use spray paintings while the bean bag cover is still on the bean bag. 

It is better to remove the bean bag cover to prevent contact with the paint. However, if you cannot remove your bean bag cover, lay on a cardboard sheet between the bean bag cover and fillers. It will prevent contact.

Spray Paint Selection

Spray paint selection plays a significant role here. To finish your task successfully, you have to select the perfect paint for your bean bag fabric.

So, when you purchase spray paint, consider its,

  • Application method
  • Color depth
  • Consistency of color transfer to the fabric

If you want to change your bean bag color, try choosing a color that matches the existing bean bag. 

If not, you have to spray a large amount of paint on it to change color. It may take a considerable effort and will change the softness of your bean bag. 

Do not use acrylic or latex paints. These are not suited for bean bags. Moreover, check your spray paint may fulfill the following requirements. 

  • Do not damage the bean bag fabrics softness
  • Free from harmful chemicals  
  • Do not shrink the bean bag cover
  • Well-stick with the bean bag 
  • Do not remove with water or sweat
  • Resistant to color fading
  • Flexibility or elasticity

Do You Ever Try Spray Paints on Bean Bags?

But all of them cannot use for fabrics. Thus, read manufacturer guidelines first. If they are allowed to use that paint for your bean bag fabric, that is ideal.

In addition to that, you should check the durability of this spray paint. Because when you wash your bean bag cover, the paints may remove. Also, the dryer can badly affect paint color. 

Ways to Apply Spray Paint on Bean Bags

Spray Paint Suitability Test

Add a drop of water to your bean bag’s outer cover. Then see what happens. If the water sinks into the surface, that bean bag is acceptable to spray paint. 

But if water beads up, that cover probably resists the addition of paint.

bean bag spray paint

Spray Paint on Bean Bag

You can practice this method for cotton, linen, silk, and denim bean bags. Krylon and Rustoleum are famous brands for fabric spray paints.

Step 1: Firstly, remove the bean bag cover from the bean bag.

If your bean bag has dust or dirt, you should have to clean them. To get the best results, wash and dry your bean bag. It will give a fresh start!

Step 2: If your bean bag cover has wrinkles, carefully iron it.

To know how to iron your bean bag cover, click here.

Are there any damages? Repair the bean bag cover them before spraying the paints.

Step 3: Prepare a surface to lay on your bean bag.

This area should be well-ventilated. If you inhale paint fumes, it will give a woozy feel. So, try to choose an outdoor place.

However, it isn’t easy to take your bean bag cover out, open windows and doors to ventilate the room.

The spray can create a misty effect. Thus, the colors may spread on the outer areas. Therefore, to protect your floor from paints, lay a covering on the work area. Here you can use old newspapers, polythene or drop cloth. 

Before covering the working area, wipe off the surface to clean dust, sand, or rough things from there.

Step 4: Lay on your bean bag cover on a prepared surface.

Step 5: Add a cardboard sheet inside of the bean bag.

When you spray paint into one side, it may blot into the other side. To prevent it, add a cardboard sheet as a barrier. 

Step 6: Wear gloves, goggles, and a mask.

Safety is first! Thus, preparing yourself is essential. 

Step 7: Do a spot test.

Apply a small amount of paint on the unseen part of the bean bag first. Then see how it reacts with fabric. If that result is okay, go for the next step.

Step 5: Hold a primer spray can 6-8 inches from the bean bag and spray it.

Here, you should apply paint by sweeping side-to-side motion with a slight overlap.

Step 6: Allow the primer to dry for 30-60 seconds.

Step 7: Spray paint with 6-8 inches distance.

Here practice sweeping side-to-side motion with a slight overlap. Maintaining the softness of bean bag fabric is vital. The thick paint layers can lose their softness. Thus, when you are spraying paint, keep it in mind. 

Use a fine paintbrush to distribute the paint eventually. 

Step 8: Allow 10 minutes to dry out the paint.

The drying time may differ with the paint type. So, follow the manufacturer guidelines. 

Step 9: After drying, move the other side of the bean bag cover and follow the same process.

Rather than lay down a bean bag on a surface, you can hang it on it using a rope. Then you do not need to wait until one side is dry to move it into another side.

Step 10: Before placing the bean bag cover again, let it dry completely.

Spray Paint Without Removing Bean Bag Cover

Besides remover bean bag cover, you can apply paint. Moreover, you can follow the steps I mentioned in method 1. 

But you have to apply precautions to prevent the contact of spray paint on the bean bag inner cover and fillers because paint can quickly blot in inner layers. 

You should add a proper buffer layer between the bean bag cover and the lining layer. Cardboard or polythene is ideal as a buffer. 

Vinyl Bean Bags Spray Paint

Yes, you can apply spray paints on vinyl fabric. But it gives the best results for firmly padded seats. When we consider bean bags, it has a flexible seat. Moreover, vinyl is a kind of plastic. 

So, if you apply spray paint on a vinyl bean bag, that will not remain for much time.

Leather Bean Bags

It is not recommended to apply spray paints on leather fabrics.

However, do you want to renovate your leather bean bag? Apply leather conditioner to enrich its look!


Spraying paint on a bean bag is a fun project. It enhances the beauty of your bean bag and gives a refreshing feel to your soul.

Are you bored with the existing bean bag? Spray paints are a solution!  

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