Fix a Bean Bag Hole – Complete Guide

Bean bags can damage and ripped due to several reasons. This damage can be a burn patch, scissor or blade cut, or decayed damage. If you face one of the above reasons or another situation, you should repair the damaged area of the bean bag. Thus, let’s look at the easiest methods to fix bean bag holes successfully at home. 

You can use one of the below methods to fix a bean bag hole.

  1. Using a Repair Kit
  2. Patch a Hole Using Same Material
  3. Sew the Hole in Bean Bag

Generally, bean bags are prepared with durable fabric such as cotton, leather, vinyl, and Faux Suede. Also, most of the repairing methods of the bean bag are quite the same. But you should follow the correct approach to recover your bean bag hole.

fix a bean bag hole

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Use a Repair Kit for Small Holes

Generally, you can easily find some products from the market to repair the bean bag hole, such as Tear-Aid. The Tear-Aid specially design to repair non-oiled and oiled surfaces. Thus, it is ideal for fixing holes in vinyl and leather bean bags.  

Please follow below simple steps to fix your vinyl or leather bean bag hole within five minutes.

Step 1: Fill the spilled out fillings into the bean bag

Step 2: Cut enough size of tape partition to cover the bean bag hole

Step 3: Attach the Tear Aid tape on bean bag hole

Do not allow to arise the air bubble between the bean bag and tape. 

Step 4: Done. No drying time is required. 

This Tear Aid tape is UV resistant. Thus, it is not changed to yellowish over time. 

Generally, some stickers and tapes are not successful in bean bag holes. Because they may turn gummy, gooey, and finally lose the bond. 

But Tear Aid tape has good durability and strength under pressure even when stretched. Also, it comes in different colors. 

Use the Same Material to Patch the Holes of the Bean Bag

Besides the above method, you can use the fabric to fix the hole in a bean bag. Please follow the below steps to get better results.

Step 1: Cut the fabric piece that is larger than the bean bag hole

Step 2: Then, clean the bean bag repairing area

Step 3: Apply UU fixing glue on bean bag hole surrounding

Step 4: Paste the fabric piece on it.

Step 5: Give some pressure on the fabric piece until fully attach to the bean bag. 

Generally, this method can apply to any bean bag. Also, you can purchase the same type of fabric. You can select any color fabric piece according to your preference.  

How to Sew a Hole in a Bean Bag?

Sew a Small Hole

You can practice this method for small punctures. Especially when the bean bag fabric piece is not entirely removed from the bean bag. 

Step 1: Insert spill out filling again into the bean bag

Step 2: Insert thread into the needle

The thread should be enough to tolerate the pressure of the bean bag. Therefore use nylon or cotton thread. Moreover, use double threading when you are sewing.  

Further, you can select different colors of thread to repair your bean bag. It may add extra beauty. 

Step 3: Bend the two damaged edges of the fabric 

You should bend the bean bag fabric around 0.5 cm to strengthen the edges when sewing. If not, the thread may try to slip from the material. 

Step 4: Insert needle underside of the fabric

Step 5: Sew the fabric carefully

Step 6: After sewing the fabric completely, strickly knot the thread  

This method is ideal for the bean bags prepared by the below-mentioned fabrics.

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Velvet
  • Corduroy
  • Faux Suede
  • Faux Fur
  • Silk
  • Denim
  • Micro Suede
sew a bean bag hole

Use Embroidery Designs to Sew a Bean Bag Hole

If you have a small hole in your bean bag, you can practice this method. This method is ideal for fixing holes in velvet, cotton, Faux, linen, denim, and silk bean bags. 

Step 1: Replace the spilled out filling again into the bean bag

Step 2: Clean the bean bag hole area 

Step 3: Cut and remove unnecessary threads and torn fabric from the bean bag

Step 4: Draw a design that surrounding the bean bag hole 

You can draw fruit, cartoon character, flower, or anything surroundings the bean bag hole. Also, the embroidered design should have enough strength to tolerate the pressure of the bean bag.

Step 5: Take cotton or nylon wool and embroidery that drawn design on the bean bag

Step 6: Done! Now your bean bag hole is covered with a beautiful design

This method is not ideal for leather and vinyl bean bags. Because needles can create a small hole in the bean bag fabric, it may cause further damage to the bean bag.

Sew a Large Hole in the Bean Bag

If your bean bag has a quietly large hole, you have to cover that hole with the fabric. Also, you can do this in two ways, as I mentioned below. 

  1. Remove the damaged outer cover from the inner lining & repair
  2. Repair the bean bag without removing the inner lining 

Now you can follow these guidelines to recover your bean bag with extra beauty.

Step 1: Replace the spill out filling.

Sometimes bean beads may spill out from the bean bag. Hence, you should add them again to the bean bag before repair it. If not, the bean bag may lose its unique properties.

Step 2: Take the piece of the same fabric 

Generally, most manufacturers give two extra fabric parts with the bean bag. If you have these fabrics, you can use them. 

If not, you have to purchase a piece of the same fabric from the market. For example, if your bean bag is made with cotton, it would be best if you could select the same material. 

Moreover, you do not need to purchase the same color of the fabric. You can select any color as your preference. Generally, people use different colors to patch out the bean bag holes to enhance their beauty. 

Step 3: Cut enough material to cover the bean bag hole

In this step, you can mark the hole size on the newly purchased fabric using a pen. Make sure to cut 2, 3 centimetres large pieces than the bean bag hole.

Step 4: Insert and place this fabric underside of the bean bag damaged area.

Step 5: Use metal pins to attach fabric piece to bean bag temporarily

This step prevents the movement of the fabric during the sewing. Thus, you can easily sew the bean bag. 

Step 6: Sew the bean bag hole

Sometimes your bean bag hole may have decayed edges. You should cut and remove them using scissors. Otherwise, you can skip this step and sew the hole using new fabric. 

You can sew bean bags just 2,3 mm inner from the hole. Moreover, you can sew as a zig-zag way on the bean bag hole if the gap is not too large. 

Moreover, you can practice this same method differently. To do that, you should place a new fabric piece on the upper side of the bean bag hole. Then you can follow the same steps. 

Further, if you need more strength, sew two pieces of fabric on both the inner and outer shell of the bean bag. You can follow the same method to do it.

Moreover, if you are willing to do this, first complete the inner side. After that, you can use a large fabric part to cover the upper side of the bean bag hole.

Read our guide on how to sew a bean bag.

How do you Fix a Hole in a Big Joe Bean Bag?

The big joe bean bag has different shapes and sizes. Also, most Big Joe bean bags do not have the inner lining layer. Thus, if the outer shell is damaged, the bean bag fillings beads may spill easily to the outside.

Therefore, you should take action to repair it immediately. Also, the Big Joe bean bag hole repairing method depends on it is size. 

If the hole is large, you may have to remove filler bean beads from the separate bag. You can use a garbage bag or another polythene bag for that purpose. Once you finished repairing your bean bag, you can refill the bean bag using the same filling.

After that, you can use one of the methods mentioned above that most suits your fabric. Thus, most joe bean bags have not lined layers; I recommend using the following methods.

  • Sewing Joe bean bag big hole using the same material
  • Embroider small holes in Joe bean bag 
  • Fix the Joe bean bag hole by pasting the piece of the same fabric 

Final Words

Every piece of furniture can be damaged due to different reasons. Therefore, having a hole in a bean bag is just a regular thing. Also, you can fix the bean bag hole within few minutes using the correct method. 

This is the best time to take comfortable relaxation with your nicely repaired bean bag.

If you have any other issue with your bean bag, please read our ultimate guide on how to repair a bean bag

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