Bean Bag Repair – The Ultimate Guide

Bean Bags are worn and tear eventually with time. But fortunately, bean bags are pretty easy to repair. Let’s discuss the simple tips and methods to bean bag repair at home. 

Generally, the bean bag is made up of three parts. Its outer fabric, inner lining, and bean bag filler. Usually, manufacturers use heavy and durable materials such as vinyl, leather, or velvet to prepare the outer shell of the bean bag. 

Thus, it is ensuring that the filling beads are kept safely inside. Moreover, the bean bag lining is made up of solid and durable material. 

However, the bean bag’s outer shell or inner lining can get ripped or torn with time. It causes to spill out the filling beads to the external environment.

People love to sit and lie down on bean bags because of their comfort, such as flexibility and the small expanded polystyrene used to fill the bean bags.

However, the filling beads hole gapes may open when it is getting old. Then it loses its unique properties and becomes thinner. Hence, flattened bean bags would not be able to provide a comfortable feel to the user. 

Moreover, the bean bag lining can tear and spill out the tiny filling beads. It is dangerous, especially if you have kids. 

Therefore, you have to follow some simple methods to overcome these types of issues.

fix a bean bag

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How can I Fix My Bean Bag at Home?

You may think fixing a bean bag is a difficult thing. But it is not as complicated as its sounds. You can fix minor issues such as fixing a damaged bean bag zipper, flattening, lining, and outer cover torn out at home. It would be best if you have some simple tools.

Can I Repair a Bean Bag?

Yes, you can repair the bean bag by yourself. Moreover, there are several simple methods to repair bean bags. The only thing is you should select the best approach and follow it. 

When you are selecting the best method, you should consider the below factors carefully.

  • Size of tear 
  • Bean bag outer and inner fabric type
  • Bean bag filler type
  • Tools that can quickly and easily obtain to repair your bean bag
  • Bean bag value
  • The pressure that is applicable on the bean bag
  • A cash amount that can you afford to fix the bean bag

You should have good knowledge about these factors. Because according to the bean bag fabric type, the bean bag repair method changes. As an example, you cannot follow the same procedure to repair leather fabric and cotton fabric. 

Another critical factor is the maximum pressure applied to the bean bag. Thus, you should repair the tear to tolerate that kind of pressure. If not, the repaired area can be damaged again. 

Moreover, you can repair your bean bag cost-effectively by using the accessories that you already have.

If not, you can purchase a repairing tool kit to do it nicely and perfectly. However, you can select the ideal method based on your requirement, preferences.

sewing a hole in bean bag

Fix a Tear of a Bean Bag by Sewing

Generally, bean bags prepare with durable fabrics. However, it may tear and rip over time. But you do not need to worry about it too much. Because repairing tear seam is a simple task, like fixing a tear on the cloth. 

Moreover, it would be best to have simple tools such as a needle and thread to fix the bean bag at home.  

Step 1: First, get a needle and thread 

Note: You can use colorful thread to add additional beauty to your bean bag. 

Step 2: Then, replace the filling beads that have spill out from the bean bag

Step 3: Sew the place of outer fabric or lining that ripped or torn

Further, you can take a piece of colorful fabric and sew it on the lining or outer shell. Because it will cover the ripped place adequately. Also, it adds extra strength to the ripped area of the material.

Use a Duct Tape to Fix a Damage in Bean Bag

If your bean bag damage suddenly, you need to take preclusions immediately. Thus, ducktape is the best option to fix your bean bag quickly as possible. Moreover, you can stop the fillers spills out using this method. 

Step 1: First, clean the ripped area using a cleaning agent

Step 2: Then, separate enough size of ducktape portion to cover the tear 

Step 3: Paste the duct tape on the tear

There are different types of ducktape available in the market. Hence you can select a pretty intense type that matches your bean bag fabric color. Also, you can purchase clear, shiny tape too. 

Moreover, you should carefully use duct tape to fix the tears of the bean bag. You cannot peel the tape off the fabric after you paste it because it may damage the bean bag fabric. 

Recover Flattened Bean Bag

The shape of the bean bags can get flattened over time. This behaviour is the nature of a bean bag. You have to refill the bean bag when it went flat.

Please read our guides on why a bean bag goes flat over time and how to refill a bean bag at home to overcome this issue.

fix a flat bean bag

Fix a Tear in a Leather Bean Bag Using a Leather Repair Kit

This method is usually available for the outer fabric of bean bags, especially leather and vinyl materials. Moreover, these kits are best for repair fabric’s minor patches, burn, cracks, cuts, and holes.  

This kit includes the following items.

  • Textured grain papers
  • Seven mixable color compounds
  • An applicator tool
  • A color and glue mixing cups
  • A heat transfer tool. 
  • A color match guide 
  • A user guide too. 

If your bean bag fillings are already spilled out, you must refill them again before practicing the below steps. After finishing that task, follow these basic steps to fix your bean bag successfully.

Step 1: Clean the damaged area using a non-abrasive cleaner 

Note:  Generally, people use 3MTM Adhesive remover as a cleaner. 

Step 2:  Insert the backing fabric under the damaged area of the bean bag 

Make sure to add backing fabric that is enough to cover the bean bag tear, crack or cut. You can use a small pin or toothpick to insert this backing fabric into the broken area. 

Step 3: Use the glue that comes with the repair kit to attach the backing fabric to the correct place of the bean bag.

Step 4: Next, Select grain paper from the repair kit that is closest to your beanbag’s material pattern. 

After that, you should draw a tear shape on the backside of the grain paper. It would be helpful for step 9.

Step 5: Use color tubes and mix them until they match with your leather fabric color

Step 6: Apply the color on the torn area smoothly and eventually. Moreover, wipe up the excess compounds carefully. 

Step 7: Placed grain paper on the torn area of the bean bag

Step 8: Then, place the heat transfer tool on the hot iron 

Step 9:  After that, cure the tool on the grain paper

You can use drawn marking on grain paper to apply heat on torn areas correctly. Also, turn the heat transferring tool in a circular motion. 

This process will melt the bean bag fabric and seal the ripped part. 

Step 10: Allow 3, 4 minutes to cool down the repaired area and then remove the textured sheet

Now you can see your bean bag look likes an almost new one without any rip or tear. Make sure to keep the remaining repair kit parts safe for future use. 

Moreover, the usage guidelines may bit change according to the leather repair kits. Thus, follow the product instructions correctly to get better results. 

If bean bag damage is significant, do not handle it yourself, especially if you do not have any experience regarding bean bag repair. 

Because leather is an expensive fabric, you can get support from a professional expert to repair your leather bean bag. Further, you can practice this same method to fix the vinyl and faux leather bean bags too. 

Also, there are some specific repair kits available to repair bean bags. You can purchase them from a local market or online. 

Hence, here I mentioned the top ten leather bean bag repair kits. You can choose one from them to repair your leather bean bag.

Top 10 Leather Repair Kits

  • Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit
  • The Original Leather Repair Doctor DIY Kit
  • Coconix Upholstery
  • Masta Plasta Leather Repair Patch/Kit
  • Furniture Clinic Leather Recoloring Balm
  • Leather Magic Leather Repair Kit
  • Leather Nu Complete Leather Color Restoration & Repair Kit
fix vinyl bean bag

How do You Repair a Vinyl Bean Bag?

Vinyl bean bag chairs are the most commonly used type all over the world. Usually, it fills with expanded polystyrene beads (EPS). 

So let’s look at repairing the tear, cut, or burn damages of the vinyl bean bag. 

Use Vinyl/ Leather Repair Kit to Repair Large Punctures

You can use a Vinyl/ leather repair kit to fix your bean bag damage quickly. Hence, follow the same steps that I mentioned in the “How to repair leather bean bag” section.

Use a Vinyl/ Leather Repair Kit to Repair Small Punctures

Besides the above method, you can use the bellow method to repair small punctures of your vinyl bean bag. Here you can use some tools of vinyl repairing kit.

Step 1: Clean damage area using alcohol or any other suitable substance

After clean the fabric, you should wait few minutes until it dry. After the vinyl fabric is thoroughly dried, you can move to the next step. 

Step 2: Use the glue that comes with the repairing kit and mix the suitable color into it

Generally, the repairing kit comes in seven different colors. You can create your bean bag color using their guidelines. 

Step 3: Apply the prepared liquid to the punctured area using a toothpick

After applying the prepared glue, let it dry. It would be best if you did not waste time by curing the repaired area. 

Step 4: Done

Now you fix your vinyl bean bag successfully. Moreover, you stop spreading the tear further.

Use Adhesive Patches

You can repair your vinyl bean bags using adhesive patches. These are very easy to use. Also, you can purchase them at affordable prices. They are available in the local market or online websites like eBay and Ali express. 

There are two types of sticky patches. You can either paste them over the hole or iron them over the damaged part of the bean bag. 

If you chose the ironing option, carefully do it. Do not iron the bean bag patch directly by iron. Use a piece of paper to avoid direct contact of iron to the bean bag because heat can damage the vinyl fabric while repairing the punched area. 

Use Vinyl Fabric to Repair the Bean Bag

You can use the same fabric to repair the bean bag. To follow this method, you may need only a few accessories. 

Step 1: Purchase a small piece of the same material from the market

Step 2: Cut the circle shape fabric piece using the newly purchase material

You can cut a patch two inches bigger than the tear. It helps to patch that specific damage spot nice and flat. Also, you can cut as a circular to minimize the sharp corners. 

Step 3: Add UV fixing glue on the torn area

Step 5: Paste the fabric circle that you cut out (step 2) on the bean bag

Step 6: Put a dishcloth over the patch and press it with a medium-hot iron

Moreover, UV fixing glue reacts with the fabric immediately and gives the best sticking results quickly. Further, you can use this method to fix the hole in leather bean bags too. 

Final words

Fixing a bean bag is not as hard as it sounds. You can fix the minor damages at home using some simple tools. If not, you can take support from an expert to repair your bean bag accurately.

However, in this article, we have provided several ways to fix your ben bag quickly. I hope you may get a successful result after following these standards guidelines.

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