Fixing a Bean Bag Zipper – 6 Methods

Fixing a Bean Bag Zipper is a headache for most people. Almost all of us faced the frustrating experience when suck or broken the bean bag zipper. It may break when zipper teeth separate, pieces of fabric caught in the zipper, or any other reason. 

Sometimes it may be quite a challenge to solve this problem. But don’t worry. You can fix the bean bag zipper within a short time using below methods and guidelines. Keep reading!

fixing bean bag zipper

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Method 1: Crimp the Zipper Slider

Sometimes the bean bag zipper slider can get bigger over time. Then it no longer joins zipper teeth correctly, and it causes to separate zipper teeth. (The zipper teeth are a continuous coil of nylon). 

This kind of issue can fix by using simple steps as follows.

Step 1: Take needle nose plier

Step 2: Crimp your old zipper slider till it is back to its original size

You can add gentle pressure on each side of the bean bag zipper slider until both sizes become even. But make sure to do not add too much force when you crimp the zipper slide. Hence, it may cause a break or jam the old slider.

This simple trick is helpful to recover the old zipper slider again. But most of the time, this fixing is a temporary solution. 

Further, if this method does not give better results, you can try the below method.   

Method 2: Replace Old Zipper Slider

If your bean bag zipper slider cannot join the zipper teeth together or is worn out, the best solution is to replace the old bean bag zipper slider. So, you can practice following a simple process to recover your bean bag zipper. 

Step 1:  First, purchase a new zipper slider and metal zipper stop

Step 2:  Then, bring the slider to the top of the zipper (use a seam ripper to remove fabric stitching if needed)

Step 3: Remove the existing metal zipper stop by using a scissor or plier

Step 4: Remove old slider from bean bag zipper

Step 5: Slide a new one on from the top of the zipper, and the slider’s nose should be facing toward the top of the zipper

Step 6: Attach new metal zipper stop onto the top of the zipper using pliers

Note: If you do not have a new metal stopper, use a needle and thread to create stopping stitches at the end of the zipper. 

Method 3: Bean Bag Zipper Teeth Repair

Sometimes your bean bag zipper may show reluctance when closing and opening the slider. To fix this problem within five minutes at home, please follow the below steps.  

Step 1: First, take paraffin, candle wax, petroleum jelly, or bar soap

Step 2: Then, slightly lubricate the bean bag zipper teeth using one of the above substances

Note: Make sure the lubricant does not block the zipper teeth.

Method 4: Repairing Sucked Bean Bag Zipper

TECHNIQUE A: Pulling Lining from Zipper

Sometimes you cannot move the bean bag zipper because zipper teeth suck with the fabric or lining material of the bean bag. If you experience this type of situation, go with the following guidelines to fix it. Because sometimes such zippers are challenging to repair. 

Step 1: Stop zipping as soon as you feel when something is getting stuck. Please do not pull the zipper up or down because it may cause to convert the problem worse.

Step 2: If the fabric is not too far in the zipper, simply pulling the lining gently from the inside to dislodge.

TECHNIQUE B: Use Pencil Graphite as a Lubricant

You can fix stuck bean bag zippers using the below method too.

Step 1: Rub the pencil’s writing end on the teeth of the bean bag zipper

Step 2: The pencil’s graphite works as a natural lubricant, and it helps to function zipper teeth more smoothly.

TECHNIQUE C: Fix Zipper Using a Detergent

Step 1: Pour a small amount of the detergent and a small amount of water into a bowl and mix it.

Step 2: Then, dip a cotton ball into the mixture

Step 3: Coat the bean bag zipper teeth with the solution

Step 4: Gently try to unzip the zipper. 

After doing this, sometimes the zipper may move a little. Thus, you should return it to its original position and repeat the process until it moves freely. 

Moreover, you can use salt water, vinegar, or a rust removing cleaner to fix the zipper slider. These substances can loosen the stuck zipper.

But be careful when using chemicals and liquid substances to recover your bean bag zipper because your valuable bean bag fabric may be discolored or damaged if contact with them.  

repair bean bag zipper

Method 5: Replace Zipper Pull

Some bean bags do not have zipper pull, especially toddlers bean bags. Also, some of the bean bags’ zipper pull may break off. If you need to fix it quickly, grab a paper clip or key ring. Then set it on the zipper slider. 

However, this is a temporary solution. If you need to fix it properly, replace the entire zipper slider using above mentioned method.

We do not recommend adding a permanent pull to a zipper in a toddler bean bag as it is designed to be a childproof zip

Please read our guide on how to open a bean bag zipper.

Method 6: How to Fix the Zipper

If your bean bag zipper and nylon teeth do not function well, you should replace them immediately. Because if bean bag fillers are spills out, you may have to face massive troubles. Thus, please follow the following steps to fix the zipper of your bean bag.

Step 1: Firstmeasure the bean bag old zipper size and purchase a new zipper with the same length and width

Step 2: Then, cut the bean bag old zipper seam using a “seam ripper” and remove it

Step 3: Take a new zipper and attach it to the bean bag using the metal pins

Using this step, you can temporarily fix the new zipper onto the bean bag. Hence, this step supports you to do step 4 correctly efficiently. 

 Step 4: Sew a new zipper on the bean bag using a needle and thread 

Step 5: Set up the zipper stops on both sides of the zipper

You should carefully do this process. Moreover, make sure you do not damage the bean bag fabric while detaching the old zipper. 

Further, if bean bag fillers try to spill out while fixing the new zipper, remove some stuffing to the separate bag. 

Just after finish the task, you can refill the bean bag again using the same filling beads. 

Read our Ultimate Guide on Repairing a Bean Bag.

Final words

Everything is getting older and dysfunctional with time. This theory is also true for bean bags. Moreover, the bean bag zipper may break due to pressure. However, every problem comes with a solution. If you read this article carefully, you may say every issue comes with several answers. Thus, use the above methods to fix your bean bag zipper within a short time. 

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