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Playing the Bean Bag Balance – Complete Guide

Some games are simple, but their worth is unmeasurable. Mainly they help to uplift both mental and physical health. That’s why these games are unique from others.

Bean bag balance is the best example of the above point. It seems simple. So, definitely, you may think, “Oh, is it a challenge?”. But it is more complicated than you think and is not only a leisure game. Bean bag balance develops kids’ mental and physical health while spreading happiness and relaxing the adults’ minds.

Do you like to play bean bag balance? Just take a minute and read to know how to play bean bag balance.

Bean Bag balance

Table of Contents

What You Need To Play Bean Bag Balance?

Once you hear the name of this game, Bean bag balance, you may recognize precisely one thing that is needed to play this game, right? So, basically, you need two main things.

  • Small bean bags
  • String or masking tape

Special note: you are free to add innovative and creative things to the game. Hence, you can collect many things to play bean bag balance.

How To Make The Playground For Bean Bag Balance?

Before you play bean bag balance, you have to set up the playground. But it is not a big deal. Here you can make the playground according to your own rules and desires. Generally, you can set the ground in two types. The choice is yours.

Method 1

Step 1: Mark one line with string or masking tape.

Step 2: Then mark another line far from the first one. The distance between the two lines should be shorter (5 to 6 feet) for younger children and longer (10 to 12 feet) for old children.

Step 3: Mark these two lines as starting and finishing.

Step 4: Make another couple of lines as start and finish if you have two groups. The number of starting and finishing line sets depends on the group you have to play bean bag balance. Keep around 3 feet between each starting line and between each finishing line.

Method 2

Step 1: As above, mark the starting point and finishing point, then make a straight line with string or masking tape connecting starting point and finishing point.

Step 2: As I mentioned above, make lines similar to the number of the group because each group should have one line to play bean bag balance. Plus, there should be around 3 feet distance between each line.

Congratulations! Now you have a perfect setup to play bean bag balance.

How To Play Bean Bag Balance?

How do you make the ground for bean bag balance, according to the first method or another? Based on your answer, the way you play bean bag balance is slightly different. But both are very entertaining.

Method 1

Step 1: Make groups play bean bag balance. Here the same number of players should be included in each group. It is ideal to set up 2 or 3 groups.

Step 2: Distribute bean bags to each player. 

Step 3: Then, line up the players, one behind the other, in front of each start line in group vice.

Step 4: Here, the time is to play the game. Place the bean bag on the head of the first player of each group and start to walk or run when you say, Ready, set, go!

The players cannot fall the bean bag till touching the finish line. If the player is unable to balance the bean bag, he will lose the game.

Anyhow if the player touches the finish line without falling the bean bag successfully, you score one point for your group.

Step 5: Then repeat it, give the opportunity to the second player and then continue this until the last player.

The group that scores high marks quickly is the winning group. Here bean bag balance considers the balancing and the time when nominating the winner of the game.

Method 2

Step 1, step 2, and step 3 are similar to method 1.

Step 4: Place the bean bag on the head of the player and give the command to start the game. The player should walk on the tape until touching the finish point, and the player is unable to fall the bean bag and step off the tape.

Here, you have to do both tasks, walking on the tape line while holding the bean bag.

Step 5: Counite this until finishing the round of the last player.

So, the time is yours. Let’s begin the game!

Play Bean Bag Balance With More Funny Things

Creativity is the main key to being happy. So, apply the same theory to bean bag balance.

  • Give time to reach the finish line.
  • It is not walking. Change the game rules to run while balancing the bean bag to the finishing line.
  • Give a punishment activity like singing a song, acting, or dancing to players who couldn’t balance the bean bag.
  • Place an egg on the bean bag. It will increase the challenge more and more with a load of happiness.

Play Bean Bag Balance In A Different Way

Do you like to play bean bag balance in a different way creative way, enhancing the balancing skill of your child while enjoying the time with them? Just think beyond the box. This is one, but there are many. Just try it.

To play this innovative bean bag balance, you need the following things.

  • Small bean bags
  • Vary size containers – here; you can collect ice cream pails, bowls, sand buckets, etc.

It is time to play bean bag balance. Here we go!

Step 1: Set the varied-size containers with bean bags next to them.

It means that keep the containers lined up in order of size. Because you can increase the challenge of the bean bag balance game using large containers.

Step 2: Then place a bean bag in front of each container.

Step 3: Start the game with the smallest container. The player must stand about a foot or half a foot away from the smallest container.

Step 4: After you can place the bean bag of the smallest container on the player’s foot.

Step 5: So, it is time to play the bean bag balance. At this time, the player must lift his foot with the bean bag on it and place the bean bag in the container.

If the player has able to put the first bean bag into the first container, he or she can level up to the next container. Here also, the player must follow the above steps.

However, if you cannot balance the bean bag, you have to lose the game and marks.

Special note: Here, you can enhance the game’s challenge by adding a time component. It will surely increase the joy of your leisure time and your kids’ happiness.

How To Play Bean Bag Balance Without Any Issue?

Sometimes starting the game with happiness, but it ends either in a fight or in a bad mood. So, why does it happen that way?

Do you like to end the bean bag balance with happy or sad? Of course, anyone needs to be happy. That’s why you should highly consider the below things.

  • Before starting the game, give the players a good understanding of the rules of the game.
  • Emphasize that all players must respect other players playing the game.
  • Remember to score fairly at all times. 
  • Give every player equal opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Bean bag balance is not only a fun game. It is more than that. as its name, if you want to win, you have to balance the bean bag. That’s how bean bag balancing helps to develop the balance skill of the children.

So, why are you still waiting? Now is the best time to enjoy playing bean bag balance with your loved ones, and don’t forget to share your happy experience with us.

Bean Bag Chairs Without Polystyrene

In this era, people always give first place to comfortability in whatever they do and buy. Here, it is clearly noticeable that all other factors are considered afterward. Simultaneously technology also plays a significant role in this.

But now, people gradually tend to think about other factors with comfortability, especially their health and environment.

So how does this apply to bean bags?

As you know, the root of the bean bag is comfortability. It is like a cloud not in the sky but on the earth. But the popular bean bag fillers are EPS beads and shredded memory foams.

Without a doubt, we have to admit that a bean bag filled with EPS beads or memory foam is very comfortable. But are they health and environment-friendly?

Mainly EPS and memory forms are made of polystyrene. You know this is not a natural thing. The further reading explains why you should know bean bag chairs without polystyrene.

Bean Bag Chairs Without Polystyrene

Table of Contents

Why You Should Go With The Bean Bag Without Polystyrene?

As I early mentioned, polystyrene is made artificially. All things that occurred on this planet have a reason behind them. So, there must be a reason for this, right?

Yes, of course, there is a reason for this, like everything else. But the only difference is that there is more than one reason for this, and you can find out all today.

  • Polystyrene takes second place in the toxic form of plastic, while PVC gets first place
  • It is made with several components like styrene and benzene, which is a suspected carcinogen
  • Also, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are included, and it is harder on the environment
  • It cannot biodegrade
  • Consequently, it will release toxic microplastic and harmful HCFs into the environment by breaking them down into smaller and smaller pieces. Especially this will badly affect birds and marine animals who swallow the bead.

If you go through these points, you can clearly identify that polystyrene is not better for your health and the environment.

Are There Bean Bags Without Polystyrene?

Now it is clear that if you can use bean bags without polystyrene, it is good. But when it comes to this point, the next question in your mind is, are there any bean bag chairs without polystyrene? Is it possible to find them out?

Fortunately, we are living in a modern era connected on all fronts. So, yes, there are bean bags without polystyrene.

Below I mention better alternative fillings for polystyrene. I hope it may be supportive when you buy bean bags without polystyrene in the market.

  • Biofoam organic bean bag fillings
  • Buckwheat hulls
  • Organic or natural latex
  • Cork
  • Popcorn kernels
  • Uncooked rice
  • Potpourri
  • Dried peas
  • Uncooked beans
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Cedar shavings, wood chips, or sawdust

However, I invite you to make your own bean bag to meet your customized preferences. If you like to accept this challenge, click here. It will show you the right path.

In addition to the filling mentioned above types, you can use the below ones.

  • CertiPUR and/or GREENGUARD synthetic foams
  • Recycled polystyrene

However, these are not 100% perfect, but I can prove they are better than virgin polystyrene.

What Are The Bean Bags Without Polystyrene In The Market?

Here I researched the best bean bag brands you can buy without polystyrene. I think it will help you select the best one according to your desires.

So, take advantage!


Simply product can be defined as eco-friendly bean bag fillers made with plants. From this, you can grab a better idea, no?

If you choose these beans for your bean bag, you are not making costs for the earth from your seating option.

However, this product is made in Auckland and Penrose. Keep 100% belief because this offers super support for your comfort with plant-based beans larger than standard polystyrene bean bag beads. So use and understand the difference yourself

Big Beanbag

This bean bag comes with BioFoam beads, a compostable biopolymer made from plants. Also, they assure that Big Beanbag is environmentally friendly and does not contain toxic components.

Further, they proudly introduce their company to the world as the first bean bag company using this vegetable-based alternative for bean bag fillers. I explain more about BioFoam beads that are non-hazards, CO2 neutral, lightweight, hygienic, and durable. So, enjoy your life with super comfortable bean bags without damaging the environment and your health.

Ultimate Green Store

This company comes up with upper, comfortable adult and kids bean bags, and it is handcrafted in the USA out of components such as organic cotton and hemp.

However, you can enjoy the bean bags with the below-mentioned fillers, not polystyrene.


This consists of recycled polystyrene beads as well as pre-consumer recycled shredded foam.


These foams are USA certified. Especially, these foams are low-VOC without PBDEs, TCEP, or TDCPP, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and flame retardants.

Eco Superfill

Eco Superfill consists of natural latex foam instead of standard urethane shredded foam.

However, as an independent researcher, I recommend choosing this filling type instead of super-fill.

White Lotus Home

If you are searching for a 100% safe, fun, and comfortable bean bag.

When it turns to bean bags, there are two major parts, fillers, and cover. White lotus bean bags come with a 100% cotton cover while filling their plant-based Evergreen Foam.

Do you like to know how this unique eco-friendly bean bag filler is made?

Evergreen foam is made from a blend of soy castor and other vegetable oils. Is it really amarzing! No?

Carolina Morning

Do not put effort into finding traditional bean bags in Carolina Mornings.

Generally, they sell a wide range of organic or environmentally friendly and non-toxic pillows, cushions, yoga bolsters, Eco Backrest™, organic platform couches, floor couches, eco cubes, and many other comfortable furniture.

These come with more different colors and sizes to meet different wants of each other. The special thing is this company also uses fillers that are not cousins of polystyrene. So you can use this filler when you refill your existing bean bags.

Cloud Makers

Do you want to have a more rustic feel? Then select cloud makers’ bean bags. These are made with eco-friendly linen and conventional cotton. It allowed users to fill good filler types that are free from polystyrene. It is such a good deal! Right?

There are different kinds of beautiful products available in their stores. You can choose one of the best designs from their collection.

Final Thoughts

Gradually people tend to think about many and many things, whether they are small or big. Because now consumers are knowledgeable and well aware of the products in the market. So, bean bag users are also the same.

That’s why now they are searching for bean bags without polystyrene. If you are not considering this, consider from today because it will save the future of next-generation while keeping you healthy!

Bean Bag vs Recliner

Over time there are many more options and alternatives for fulfilling our requirements than we expect. That’s why you need to have some understanding in choosing the right one for your needs unless you cannot select the best one for you.

When you buy furniture for your home or during furnishing the home, this applies the same. For instance, there are many more seating options in the market. But you should know which one has the ability to maximize your requirements.

So here, many people doubt what the best seating option for your home between bean bag or recliner is? Generally, our grandparents use chairs to just sit. They expect nothing more than it.

But today’s world is different from the past. Simply we do anything to live comfortably. That’s why people are searching for many more things when purchasing seating solutions.

Here there are many factors to consider. So, sometimes they confuse about what is best between a bean bag and a recliner. And they want to know how they are discriminated against each other.

So, read the full article!

Bean Bag vs. recliner

Table of Contents

What is a Bean Bag?

The Bean bag is a modern seating option with super comfortability. Actually, if I define a bean bag as a huge sack filled with beads that come in different shapes, you can get a close idea about it.

The most special thing is that the bean bag gets the shape of the person sitting in it. It gives a more comfortable feeling for the user. On the other hand, this luxury seating option provides pleasurable shifting and diversity instead of the sturdiness and stiffness of traditional chairs.

What is a Recliner?

Simply, the recliner is an armchair that comes with a back and front piece, and it is the oldest armchair type on the market.

Also, the recliner has been a popular member of living rooms in the past. Still, it will be because its variety of shapes and patterns come up to meet the shifting preference of people over time.

In general, recliners come with a headrest, footrest, and backrest, but you can purchase reclines with more features in the current market.

For instance, there are heated recliners, and their vibration has the ability to give more than relaxation and relief. Plus, there are manual and powered recliners on the market.

Types and Purpose

There are many bean bag types and designs that comfort your life. Among them, the below designs are the most popular.

Round bean bags

This bean bag is circular, and when you sit in, it spreads out in a bell shape. You can use this shape anywhere in your house.

Square shape bean bags

The Square bean bag comes with an armrest and backrest similar to the conventional armchair. Here also, you can keep it anywhere in your home but more suitable for corners.

Body chairs

This bean bag helps to lay down comfortably. Plus, if you use this for sitting, it may allow several people at once.

Novelty bean bags

Novelty bean bag is ideal for children because they come in different attractive shapes like sharks, footballs, turtles, and airplanes.

Recliners also have many more designs and patterns to varied with your changing preference. Below are some popular recline designs.

The two-position recliners

This one is the most popular, and it comes in two positions, namely upright and reclines.

Rocker recliner

 you can use this as a rocking chair.

Lift recliner

This recliner is ideal for elders because it can be set in upright positions and is good support for elders to get back quickly.

Swivel recliner

The swivel recliner seat allows to talk and contact with others because it rests on a round base.

Used materials

When we talk about bean bags, we have to pay attention to the outer cover fabrics and fillers. So, firstly let’s see what materials are used to make the outer cover of the bean bag.

Here there are many more materials used to make bean bags, and these materials vary with the purpose. For instance, there are bean bags made for indoor usage as well as outdoor usage. Plus, manufacturers use comfortable, soft, water-resistant, UV resistant, and durable materials. They are;

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Leather
  • Suede and faux fur
  • Artificial fur
  • Velvet
  •  Olefin
  • Vinyl

Basically, below filler types are used for bean bags. All fillers provide you with unparalleled comfort.

  • EPS beads
  • EPP beads
  • Compressed foam or memory foam
  • Natural stuff like the dried bean, grains, crops and etc.

Same as the bean bags, the recliners are also made of many materials to ensure their comfortability. Generally, leather is used to make reclines due to its appearance and feel.

In fact, in addition to natural leather, synthetic leather is also now entered the recline market. Here manufacturers go with polyurethane, malleable, and lightweight substances.

However, there are reclines that are made lighter and more breathable for the people who do not like leather due to its incredible heavy noise. Here the most popular fabric is cotton. On the other hand, wool recliners are ideal who live in colder areas.


Generally, the bean bag is made with lightweight materials to reduce its heavy. That’s why bean bags are easy to handle, even for your kids. But the weight of the bean bag bit differs from each other due to their size and the material used by manufacturers.

Recliners are also made to comfort their uses by reducing weight and adding other features. For instance, some recliners come with a round base. But relatively, recliners are heavy than bean bags.


Whether it is a bean bag or recliner, this depends on the furniture’s materials. Generally, the best recliners are expensive, but you can use them for about 10 years or more. That’s why people say it is like an investment.

If your recliner is branded or used rarely, it may stay with you for more than 10 years. Exceptionally, powered recliners are not durable as traditional recliners.

On the other hand, usually, you can use a bean bag for around 3 to 5 years. Over time its properties get lost. But here, you have another option to overcome it. You can get a new bean bag and refill it using fresh beans. So here, you can use your bean bag for many more years by changing the outer cover and filling the beads.


When you are going to purchase anything, the cost is a crucial factor for everyone. Generally, whatever your choice of recliner or bean bag, the material and features play the leading role when deciding their price.

There are plenty of bean bag types available in the market. Also, they have a diverse price range. Here, customers can select the best one according to their budget and buying power. Normally you can buy an average bean bag for around $100.

 If you want to go for a giant bean bag or super luxury one, you have to spend a lot of dollars for them. However, most of these bean bags give relatively the same experience.

When it turns to recliners, there are recliners for around $250 to $5000. However, you have to spend around $2000 to purchase a reasonably comfortable chair.

Final thoughts

When you make a choice, you must consider your requirement. However, recliners are the main furniture in living rooms worldwide. Over time it comes with different styles and designs to meet changing preferences of the people.

But bean bag provides a different experience with super comfortable features. Simply it comes full of joy or fun. Also, you can choose them among hundreds of designs and styles. Not only that, you can place it anywhere, even outdoor or indoors. Plus, it comes in many different age ranges while giving cozy and relaxing more than traditional armchairs.

Bean Bag vs. Footstool

Bean bags and footstools are the furniture that helps us enjoy relaxing time. On the other hand, the footstool looks like a mini version of the bean bag. Both are soft furniture that provides unique benefits to the user.

Also, whether both bean bags and footstool outer appearance are relatively the same, their usage, purpose, size, and other facts differ. Let me clarify the difference between a bean bag and a footstool.

Bean Bag vs. Footstool

Table of Contents


The Bean bag is a fantastic innovation of 18n century and is mainly used for sitting purposes. It gets folded according to the user’s body shape when people sit there. Due to this feature, it gives super relaxation to the whole body. It means the bean bag can simultaneously relax the lower back, upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, and head.

However, most bean bags facilitate the 90degree knee bend. But, when people sit there for an extended period, they may feel uncomfortable. Because hanging legs in the same position affect blood circulation, and as a result, you may feel leg pain.

The footstool is a great innovation that can relieve leg pains while comfortably positioning them. Here, people can strait their legs and put their feet on the footstool. This kind of posture facilitates proper blood circulation into the legs. No more blood blockings, and footstool users will feel super relaxed.

Therefore, combining both bean bags and footstool is a great way to relax the whole body.


As you already know, bean bags are used for sitting purposes. Hence it has sufficient space to sit. Therefore most bean bags are large than the footstool.

However, why do I mention it as “the most bean bags”?

It is because there are some kids bean bags, and they have relatively the same sizes as footstools. However, you can quickly identify bean bags by carefully observing their outlook.


When we talk about bean bags vs. footstools, the shape is important to distinguish them.

Most footstools have a cylindrical and square, and rectangular shape. But the bean bag comes in different shapes, including teardrop, cylindrical, chair shape, circular shape, etc.

Moreover, you can see the bean bags with fancy designs and cartoon characters like dinosaurs and bear bean bags.


In general, when you see the bean bag, you may notice it has a bit loose texture. But the footstool has a compact structure.


Bean bags are made for sitting purposes. Hence, it filled 2/3 of its total volume. This firmness is sufficient to sit the user comfortably without sinking too much. That’s why it looks loose.

However, the footstool is designed to put your feet. Mostly your legs are in a straight position on a footstool. However, when you put on your legs, if it sinks deep, it is not good. The footstool should have good firmness than the bean bag to keep correct leg postures.

Therefore, the manufacturer filled the almost footstool using the beans. They leave a minimal volume for free. When users put their legs on it, that free space of the seat is enough to position the legs comfortably.


Both bean bags and footstool has relatively low height than typical wooden chairs. Also, both bean bags and footstool height are around 1-1.5 feet.

Mostly footrests are designed to rest your legs. Because of that, they prepared with relatively low heights. Then people can easily put their feet on the low level and get relaxation.

Backrest and armrest

Sometimes, people use bean bags and footrests for sitting while watching TV or reading books. However, sitting on the footrest for a long period is not give a comfortable feel.

Why? Let’s check a bit deep.

There is a different kind of bean bags. Most of them adjust their shape according to the user’s body shape. Due to this feature, there is sufficient backrest automatically created there.

On the other hand, some bag chairs come with a proper backrest. Moreover, bean bags provide good support for the arms.

However, the footrest is absent these back rest and arm rest features. Because of this, they are not suited to sit for a long time.


Manufacturers use rich fabrics such as velvet, faux, leather, cotton, linen, and vinyl to make bean bags. Moreover, bean bags are mainly filled with Cotton, EPS beads, and Shredded memory form.

However, to prepare footstools, manufacturers mainly use leather and vinyl fabrics. Also, they are filled with high-density memory form, padding, and cloths. Sometimes manufacturers use wooden frames to create the structure of the footstool. Then they padded the surface.

Therefore, do not expect the same sitting feeling if you sit on a footstool.

Level of maintaining

Generally, a footstool uses to put your legs on. So, the legs are the key body part that gets dirty every time.

There is a high possibility of accumulating dust and other foreign matters on the footstool. So, you must clean them regularly to keep your surroundings clean.

On the other hand, your footstool can get dirty with some mud patches. Because of that, manufacturers made these footstools using fabrics that can be clean easily. Mainly vinyl, rattan, and leather. The user can wipe it with mild detergent and water every week.

However, there is some range of footstools that come with rich materials such as velvet and cotton. To clean them, you have to follow the proper guidelines.

However, bean bags do not get dirty like a footstool. So, here you do not wash them weekly. But you can remove the accumulated dust using a brush or damp cloth every week. You can clean the bean bag cover after 2,3 months or when it needs.


Footstools are lightweight and versatile. So, you can carry them to where you need them to be. It can be a living room, balcony, or outdoor area.

Bean bags are a bit heavy than footstools. But they also have lightweight when comparing other wooden chairs. Hence, you can carry both of these pieces of furniture to the place you wish to rest.

Decorate your home

Bean bags and footstools both come in different colors and shapes with rich materials. Also, both belong to modern and luxury furniture.

So, you can decorate your living room, office room, or balcony with this fantastic furniture.

For example, if you need a sophisticated style living room, use a leather footstool in your living room. Likewise, you can choose the footstool according to the color of your sofa.

Compartments or pockets

Most of the bean bags and footstools contain some pockets to keep magazines, books, or remote control.

Some footstool is like a box with a padded surface. Here, you can store many books and magazines in it. Just open the upper side of the footstool, then put your stuff and close the opening.

Extra seat

Both bean bags and footstool work great as extra seating for guests. Guest can enjoy a little chat while sitting on both pieces of furniture.

Final Thoughts

Bean bags and footstools are luxury furniture, and most modern homes and office rooms are equipped with them. Both of these pieces of furniture are very helpful when people need some super relaxation for both mind and body. However, bean bags and footstools are prepared for two different purposes. But they can use common purposes such as sitting and enjoying the day. 

What is your idea? Do you have any other suggestions? Comment and share your experiences with us. We love to hear your voice.

Bean Bag Fillers That Won’t Go Flat

Even though this fluffy and comfortable chair helped you experience a luxurious life, are you shocked to discover that the bean bag has gone flat?

But do not misunderstand what I am trying to tell. The Bean bag does not flat as soon as you use it. It will happen over time when you use it regularly.

But the time period can be varied with the fillers that your bean bag is filled with. As you know, the common filler type of bean bag is EPS beads. It is comfortable, lightweight, and long-lasting. That’s why EPS beads are that popular.

Actually, it is no doubt that you can use your bean bag with EPS beads long time without refilling it. Similarly, there are simple techniques to fluff your bean bag again as the original. For more details, click here.

However, you may think that it is a nuisance. So, how do you get fillers for your bean bag that won’t go flat? Is it impossible to have bean bag fillers that won’t go flat?

If you are already a fan of bean bags, it is not a secret that some bean bags come with natural fillers. Basically, these bean bags are trendy among people with an eco-friendly lifestyle.

So, here what I am going to tell you is apart from natural fillers being eco-friendly, they are the best bean bag fillers that won’t go flat.

So, let’s check what the best fillers that do not get flat are!

Bean Bag Fillers That Wont Go Flat

Table of Contents

Small Pebbles

Small pebbles are the best natural bean bag filler for your bean bag. The main factor is that this bean bag filler won’t go flat. Wherever you are a fat man or not, it will not get flat, when you are sitting there.

Here, the cost is also very low; you only have to spend dollars for the bean bag’s outer and inner cover. In addition to that, remind the place where you can collect small pebbles.

After collecting enough pebbles to fill your bean bag, clean and dry them well, then, you can fill them into the bean bag’s inner cover.

Remember that they are forever lasting and won’t go flat.


Did you know that besides eating rice, you can use it as filler for your bean bag?

Yes, you can. It is an excellent natural bean bag filler.

However, are you searching for a filler for your bean bag that won’t go flat?

Fill your bean bag with rice; it does not go flat. You do not need to spend more time searching for it because rice is the most available filler type in groceries.

Apart from won’t go flat, rice is a heavy-weight filler and would be better used for a toddler’s bean bag.

However, remember you have to go with a massive rice load to fill your bean bag because if you want to maintain the unique properties of the bean bag, you have to fill at least 2/3 of the volume with rice.

Dried Beans

In around 2000BC, Egyptians used dried beans in leather pouches to create bean bags. So, why can not you use this filler type for modern bean bags?

Yes, why not? You can still use it.

Dried beans are the best choice if you are looking for a filler that won’t be flat. On the other hand, you can follow many innovative tricks to double your comfortable in your life.

For instance, here you are, an opportunity to make your filler combined with the other comfy filler type with dried beans. It is just an idea. Whether to complete it or not is entirely based on your preference.

Buckwheat Hulls

Actually, buckwheat hulls are a creation of nature. It means that they are outer shells of buckwheat groats grain.

This natural filler is popular to fill bean bags because buckwheat hulls do not reflect heat and 5 times more breathable than most synthetic and natural fibers.

If you do not like to struggle with flattening bean bags, buckwheat hulls serve you better. Thus, it is the best bean bag filler that won’t go flat.


If I tell you that you can fill your bean bag with sands, it is an oddity, right?

But you can. Just collect clean sands for your bean bag. I promise it is a suitable filler for your bean bag if you are a person who is searching for bean bag fillers that won’t go flat.

Before you fill the bean bags with sand, get them clean. Then, let them fully dry. After that, you can fill them into the bean bags.

Sometimes you may feel a bit of compact texture while sitting on the sand for a long time. In this kind of situation, shake the bean bag. Then the compact particle will get loose.

Organic or Natural Latex

Natural latex is made from natural rubber tree sap. This natural filling gives a super comfortable feeling to your bean bag.

So, here the main doubt is, does natural latex go flat? Here the matching answer is if you fluff it well, it never goes flat.

Sea Shells

Do you love the ocean or do you live near to the sea? Definitely, you should have a collection of sea shells.

So, why can’t you fill your bean bag with these natural materials?

 Sea shells are a fantastic filler for your bean bag that won’t go flat. Actually, it is admirable; however, clean your sea shells properly before using them.

Old Clothes

We like to wear different clothes. Because anyone loves to be beautiful, on the other hand, kids grow very fast, and we are unable to donate their clothes quickly enough. It is no secret, do you now have a lot of old clothes?

So, you can fill your bean bag with old clothes. Do old clothes go flat over time? If you fluff it occasionally, it never goes flat.

These are the most suitable filler types for your bean bag if you do not like fillers that go flat. However, if you want more details about bean bag fillers, I invite you to click here.

Bean bag users have the most common question why my bean bag goes flat after using it for some time? Generally, bean bags are made with the purpose of comfy your life. However, using the bean bag regularly will ultimately go flat.

However, good quality bean bags last for around three years without going flat, and it will happen because the beans are used as bean bag fillers. Mainly EPS is used as bean bag fillers that contain air in 98% of its volume. Then your bean bag goes flat ultimately.

So, how would you feel that you can have bean bag fillers that won’t go flat? Try out dried beans, uncooked rice, sea shells, small pebbles, sands, buckwheat hulls, natural latex, and old cloths. It will surely be an exciting experience for you.

However, do not forget to share your experience with these bean bag fillers that won’t go flat with us. Comment your best option.

Bean bag or Pouffe – Which one should I get?

These seats are used for relatively same work but with different purposes. The pouffe is a low seat or cautioned footstool with no back. If we consider the height, the poffle has lower heights than bean bags.

The bean bag is a chair with enough height and space to sit comfortably. Also, some bean bags are made with a backrest, and some others do not have a backrest.

Moreover, both of these pieces of furniture’s outer looks are relatively the same. So, customers get confused when they are going to purchase a comfy chair. So, most people search which one should I get, bean bag or pouffe?

That’s why I thought of sharing some useful information and facts. To get a better decision, you must have some background knowledge about the usages, prices, materials, and other properties of bean bags and pouffe. So, read until the end, and surely you will find the best answer to your question.

Bean bag Vs. Pouffe

Table of Contents

Usage: Bean bag Vs. Pouffe

Usage: Bean bags

As I mentioned earlier, bean bags are a kind of furniture that is trending these days. It is used to take a more smart relaxation. Rather than other common furniture, the bean bag has some wonderful features. Those are;

  • Adjust with user’s body shape
  • Reduce pressure spots
  • Good for acid reflux
  • Head, arm, and backrest

Due to these features, this product has become a trend, and manufacturers produce diverse products to fulfill customer needs. It means manufacturers produce bean bags under different categories such as;

Basically, all of these bean bags are used to sit, lay down, or float.

Usage: Poufffe

The Pouffle is a small sac filled with soft materials such as cotton, memory foam, or EPS beads. Also, much similar to a footstool. The manufacturers release their products in different shapes. The most common pouffle shapes are;

  • Round shape
  • Square shape
  • Cylindrical shape

Also, there are different types of pouffes available in the market. According to the purpose and preference, you can choose the best from them!

Let’s check what they are.

  • Knitted Pouffe
  • Patterned Pouffes 
  • Leather Pouffes
  • Pouffes made with fabrics

But these pouffes are mainly used as a footstool and give good relaxation to legs and feet by keeping them up postures. So, most people rest their feet on pouffes while sitting on and enjoying a cup of tea, watching movies, and reading newspapers. 

However, it is multipurpose furniture, and you can use them for different occasions. Here, I mention several ways to use a pouffe in your home.

  • Extra seat: Living rooms, Family rooms
  • Kid seat: Kids’ bedroom
  • As a coffee table
  • End table for chair or sofa
  • Nightstand: Place near the bed
  • Pet bed
  • Outdoor chair
  • Decorative accent

People use pouffes to keep their books, flower vases, and other accessories. Moreover, sometimes they use pouffe for sitting near the ground and enjoying the different sitting postures.

Now you may have a rough idea about the usages between a bean bag and pouffe. However, you should know some additional facts to make the perfect decision. So let’s check what they are!

Height: Bean bags vs. Pouffe

The bean bags are specially built to sit. So, according to the ergonomics, manufacturers use the best heights that support to take comfortable laydown. So, bean bags are relatively higher than pouffe. Here, users can easily sit and get out of it.

Because of this feature, this product is ideal for pregnant women and elderly persons. Also, it is great to use the person who suffers from back-born problems and pains.

The pouffle is made to give foot rest. So, its height is lower than chairs, sofas, and bean bags’ height. It facilitates super comfortable foot rest while keeping your legs up from the ground level. Also, your knees will feel good relaxation while using the pouffe.

However, you can find some exceptional features rather than these. Then do not get wonder at these moments. Yes, some pouffe made to add beauty to your home. So, some people use to keep books, newspapers, and other ornaments. So, these kinds of pouffle can have a relatively same height as other chairs.

Space: Bean bags vs. Pouffe

 Most bean bags acquire large space and have a huge volume. Generally, these are made to occupy the user’s full body from head to leg. So, its volume is relatively large than pouffle.

If we consider the pouffle, you can use them in a small space. It will take around 1-2 feet in diameter. So, pouffle is an ideal choice for small rooms and dorms. Further, you can use them for sitting purposes too.

Fluffy Feel: Bean bags vs. Pouffe

Generally, bean bags are filled with super soft materials such as memory foam, durafoam, cotton, EPS, etc. So, it has a fluffy appearance and gives a super comfy fee to the user. Also, due to this fluffy property, the bean bag acquired a large space in your room.

However, when considering the softness, pouffle are more has more firm textures. Also, it does not sink like a bean bag. You can experience this by putting your foot on it. Also, it does not change its shape hugely after applying the pressure. So, the way pouf deals with pressure differ from bean bags.

However, your feet can take a good stable relaxation due to the compact texture. If it sinks, you may feel uncomfortable after several times. So, this compact texture is purposely added to overcome this issue.

Materials: Bean bag Vs. Pouffe

Generally, bean bags are prepared with velvet, cotton, linen, micro suede, and faux fur fabrics. And it is filled with polystyrene beads, shredded memory foam cotton, or any other natural bean type. Normally bean bags are not 100% filled with these beans, and only 2/3 of the volume acquire the space of bean bags.

The same Martials used to prepare pouffes. However, leather, velvet, and cotton knitted outer covers are famous. Also, the pouffes are filled with polystyrene beads. However, all the shapes are fully filled with beans, and it gives a compact texture to the pouffes.

Ergonomics: Bean bag Vs. Pouffe

Bean bag specially design for seating purposes. So, when preparing them, the manufacturer considers the user’s height, weight, size, and many more factors. To give a super experience to the user, they design their bean bags with a backrest, armrest, and headrest. So, people can take a good nap here. That’s why when you sit here for hours; you do not feel uncomfortable.

However, pouffe was not purposely made to sit. It is a multifunctional item. So, manufacturers do not consider ergonomics factors too much. So, backrest, armrest, and headrest features do not include in this product.

So, if someone uses this pouffe for sit, they will feel a bit uncomfortable and back pain after a certain time. That’s why people tend to place pouffes near the wall and take a little support from the wall. Therefore, pouffle is good to take a small nap.

Final Thoughts

Do you receive an answer? Generally, there is not a direct answer when you ask what I should get, bean bag or pouffe. Because it is a very subjective matter and depends on many factors such as;

  • Your requirement
  • Preference
  • Space
  • The budget that can you spend on the furniture

So, if you are looking for furniture that you can use to sit and take a good nap, the bean bag is the best. However, you can select pouffes if you want a small sac to use as a footstool or an extra chair.