Make a Bean Bag for a Tablet Computer In 30 Minutes

How do you place your tablet computer while reading an ebook, watching a movie, or enjoying a YouTube video?

Holding a tablet for a long time on hand is not an easy task. Thus, people use different kinds of tablet stands to fix it. However, keeping these fixed plastic or metal structures on some surfaces is not easy.

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What is your experience of using tablets stand on beds or sofa?

If these tabs or phones are not stable, they tend to drop. You can use a bean bag as a tablet stand to solve these matters!

The tablet computer bean bags are mini sacs filled with soft fillings or expanded polystyrene beads. Mostly use round, triangular shape bean bags as tablet bean bags.

Besides them, people make fancy bean bags with different themes, such as animals and cartoons.

bean bags for tablets

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Why do I recommend bean bags for the tablet? Do you know the benefits?

Benefits of Using a Bean Bag for your Tablet Computer

  • Bean bags can adjust according to most surfaces where you want to place your tablet. It can be your car seat, desk, bed, sofa, or almost anywhere!
  • Freeing up your hands, your knees
  • Perfectly match with different kinds of tablets computers.
  • Give good back support for tablet computers.
  • Bean bags do not have sharp edges. Thus, safe to use with kids.
  • Reduce the slipping and accident drops.
  • Give enough space to accommodate your tablet.
  • Multi-purpose tool. You can use it as a phone stand too. Not only that, you can even use this soft sac as a pillow.
  • Further, if you want extra back support, you can place it on the backside of your chair.
  • Machine washable

These are the main advantages of the bean bag used for the tablet computer. I know surely you want to be an owner of this kind of cute sac. Besides buying tablet bean bags from the shop, you can make them at home.

Yes, you can use your glamorous fabrics and creative skills to make this.

Let’s check how to make a bean bag for a tablet.

Make a Bean Bag for a Tablet Computer

Required materials: 

  • Two fabric pieces
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Expanded polyester beds or any suitable filler type

Step 1: Choose the suitable fabric.

The fabric selection mainly depends on a person’s preferences. So, it is your choice. But make sure that the fabric meets the below requirements.

  • Non-slipping fabric
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Color of the fabric
  • The texture of the fabric

Generally, silk is a bit slippery fabric type. Thus it is better to remove silk fabric from your list. Soft materials like velvet are ideal for creating a tablet bean bag. However, you can take cotton, linen, or denim fabrics too.

Step 2: Cut two 12 x 11 inches rectangular fabric pieces.

The dimensions will change with the size of the device you use. Thus, if you have a larger iPad or tablet, you can take 12x 11 inches fabric pieces.

If not, you may need to make a bean bag for a mini-tablet or iPad mini, take 10 x 9 fabric pieces. When you are cutting the fabric, allow some spaces for sewing purposes.

Step 3: Keep the original side together and sew the edges.

Here, you have to keep one end free from sewing. It is required to fill beans into the bag. Also, when you are sewing, turn your sewing path like a curve at the pointed corners.

If these edges have a pointed shape, it will reduce the beauty of your bean bag. Therefore, sew with a curve shape and cut the extra fabric portion.

The most important thing is you should double sew this bag. It protects your bean bag from bean spills and enhances safety. Especially if you have kids or pets, do it.

Step 4: Turn right-side out of the bean bag.

Step 5: Fill the beans into the tablet bean bag.

You can directly fill the beans by closing the opening of two bags together. However, do it slowly and carefully. Because this is a small filling process, it will not be complicated. But if you want to know more details about filling bean bags, click here.

Step 6: Reshape the bean bag.

This is the most crucial part of bean bag reshaping. If you sew rectangular fabric pieces, ultimately, you may receive a pillow shape design.

But here, I will tell you how to reshape that.

First, bend and insert the free edges into the bean bag. Then keep the endings together. As a next step, pull the bean bag from the middle.

Step 7: Add pins.

After you fill the beans, they spread on every bean bag space. Therefore, you should keep beans in the enclosed corner. So, use pins while allowing some room for sewing purposes.

Step 8: Then sew the edge of the bean bag.

Step 9: After enclosing the edge, let the beans spread through the whole bean bag.

Step 10: Again, use some pins to separate some beans to this edge.

This edge is a base part of the tablet bean bag. Therefore, it should pop up around 1 inch. Thus let enough beans come to that corner.

Step 11: Then again, add a seam that parallels the last sewed edge.

You first have to add one seam parallel to the edge in this step. Then again, sew another line that parallels the last line. This space facilitates the placing position of the bean bag.

Step 12: Done.

Place your bean bag and enjoy the rest of the day with a beautiful movie!

Make a Round Shaped Tablet Bean Bag

Required materials

  • Suitable fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper

Step 1: Cut a circle that has 12 inches in diameter.

Step 2: Then cut the four triangular.

Here, first, you can cut rectangular with 9.5 x 12 inches. Then, mark the middle of the width side and draw a triangular. After that, cut this piece. You can use this shape as a stencil to cut the other three parts.

Step 3: Take triangular and stitch their right sides together with one by one.

When sewing this cone shape design, leave 3,4 inches of space. Then you can use it to fill beans. After you finish all edges sewing, you will receive an open bottom pyramid.

Step 4: Take the circular fabric piece and fold it into quarters.

Press the fabric and mark the quarter’s borders.

Step 5: Use a pin and attach a circle into the open pyramid shape fabric portion.

Here you can follow the pressed lines. After that, attach the triangular there.

Step 6: Stitch the circular part into the pyramid.

Step 7: Fill the beans using a unsewed portion.

Here, you should fill enough beans to it. You can check it by putting your tablet computer on it. But when you do it, carefully use the beans because they have a static charge.

Step 8: After filling the beans, manually sew and enclose the opening.

Now you may receive a fabulous tablet bean bag. Enjoy it!

If you want an extra function like pocket handles for bean bags, you can attach them too. In addition to that, if you use premium quality materials, you can create premium quality bean bags. So, try to find out the best quality fabrics and fillers.

Final Thoughts

You can make these bean bags within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Also, it is not a big task. It is a pleasurable activity you can do with your kids too.

You are making these kinds of small tools to help to increase kids’ creativity and analytical skills. So, why are you waiting? Create your tablet bean bag and watch a movie!

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