Make a Phone Bean Bag – 3 Simple Methods Explained

Do you always have the struggle to keep your phone upright while watching videos and movies? Are you looking for a method to keep your phone balanced while watching cooking videos on youtube and trying a new recipe?

Smartphones serve you 24-hours a day, seven days a week, without any condition. Also, we spent thousands of dollars on them. So, we try to protect them by adding phone covers and screen protectors. But over time, you might forget all the hype you had when the phone gets older, and your phone might get dropped, thrown, and scratched.

Don’t you want to treat your phone in a better way? Or else, how about giving it a little rest and recovery time with a mini bean bag or phone bean bag?

A phone bean bag is a small sac filled with smooth materials. Phone bean bag’s primary role is to give an adjustable seat to accommodate your mobile phone. Not only mobile phones, but you can also use a phone bean bag for your tablets.

Now you may doubt how to make a phone bean bag. Spend 10 minutes and read this guide. Then you can make one of the best phone bean bags!

make a phone bean bag

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Methods to Make a Phone Bean Bag

Let me ask a few questions first.

  • What are the dimensions of your phone?
  • Is your phone have a smooth back cover?
  • The weight of the mobile phone

These factors are essential to customizing the bean bag. It also helps you to clarify your requirement.

If your mobile phone has a smooth back cover, take rough fabric to create the bean bag. It will prevent slips. Also, a firmly compact bean bag is suitable for heavy-weight mobile phones.

Try the below methods!

Create a Phone Bean Bag Using a Sock

You can make a phone bean bag within 5 minutes by using this method. You just need a few simple tools.

Required materials:

  • One sock
  • Filler bead
  • Needle with thread

Step 1: Take a Suitable Sock

What is your favorite color? Here, you can make a phone bean bag according to your preferences. You can select suitable colors, embroidered designs, and sizes.

For example, take a large sock if you have a mobile phone with a relatively large screen. You can take a small-sized or kids sock to make a phone bean bag if you have a small screen.

In addition to that, the sock’s lengths differ from one to one. If you have a half sock, it is enough to do this task.

However, if your socks are lengthy, leave around 10-12 inches and cut extra pieces.

Step 2: Fill the beanballs into the sock

You can fill cotton, padding, or expanded bean balls (EPS) into the bean bag. Here, most socks have flexible and elastic properties.

Thus, it automatically changes its shape while filling the beans.

But do not fill and compact the beanballs in the socks. Bean bag should facilitate the sinking property. Thus, fill the adequate amount and let it have a loose structure.

Step 3: Enclose the opening using a needle and thread

Here, you can keep the ending edges together. Then bend it twice. Then you can sew these edges.

Now, the process to make a phone bean bag is almost finished. This is time to allocate space for it on your table.

Step 4: Place the stitched end on the table and place the other edge upward

It will help to stabilize the phone bean bag on your table. Now you will receive the fantastic phone bean bag. So, this is the best time to place your phone in this cute bag.

Do you need to increase the beauty of your bean bag? Then, decorate your phone bean bag using a small wool ball, ribbons, and buttons!

Make a Brand New Bean Bag Using Fabric

Do you want to customize your phone bean bag according to your smartphone size? Then try the below method. You just need a piece of fabric, a sewing machine, and filler beads.

If you do not have a sewing machine, you can do this manually. So, do not worry!

Step 1: Take a smooth fabric and draw the squares.

Here I included measurements to create a phone bean bag according to the standard phone size. So, draw a 10 x 12 inches size square on the selected fabric.

But the phone bean bag size depends on the size of the fabric pieces. Therefore, you can customize the height and width of the square shape fabric pieces.

For example, think of your smartphone width, and height is 4 x 6 inches. Then you have to accommodate this size on the bean bag.

Also, what is position do you want to angle your smartphone? Is it vertical or horizontal?

If you want to keep your phone vertical, you should take bean bag width more than your phone height. Here, you can take around 10 inches.

But if you want to set it on the vertical side, you can take this width around 6 inches.

Step 2: Cut the two fabric pieces.

When you are cut the fabric, allow some space at the corners to sew it.

Step 3: Placed one fabric piece on another piece.

You should place the upsides together. Then you can sew the bean bag using backsides.

Step 4: Sew all sides of the phone bean bag while releasing a small space.

You should allow a small space to turn this sac inside out. Also, this hole is essential to insert the beanballs, padding, or cotton.

Step 5: Turn the prepared sac inside out using the free space.

The patient is essential when you are doing this. If not sewed, threads may get loosened.

Step 6: Fill the beanballs into this mini sac.

Step 7: Sew the non-sewed space manually.

You should insert the extra fabric into the bean sack and sew it using a needle and thread.

Now, you will receive a mini sac prepared with tiny beanballs.

So, you should convert this bean sac shape as a final step. Follow the steps described in the below image.

So, why are you waiting? Let your mobile phone take a rest!

Make a Smartphone Bean Bag Using a Trouser or Denim

Do you believe you can prepare a phone bean bag using your denim? 

Yes, it is possible. Now you can recycle your old denim or trouser into the phone bean bag. This process will take only a few minutes. Also, you need a few filler beads only. 

But how? Let’s check!

Step 1: Take trousers and remove the edge of the trouser’s leg.

Generally, denim and other trousers have hard edges. Therefore, fist removes them. 

Step 2: Cut the 13 inches size portion of the denim trouser leg piece.

Here, I give instructions to create a bean bag that has 12 inches in width. But you need extra fabrics for sewing purposes. That’s why I asked to cut 13 inches pieces. 

In this method, you cannot decide the width of your phone bean bag. It is the same as a trouser leg width. However, that width is too large, and you can reduce it while sewing. 

If you feel that trouser leg width is not enough for your phone bean bag, go for another pair of trousers because you cannot increase the width without joining an extra piece. Therefore the best way is to select trousers with enough leg width for phone bean bag preparation. 

Step 3: Turn the denim.

Now you have the backside of the fabric. 

Step 4: Sew the two free edges while keeping the free hole.

Now you have a small denim sac.

Step 5: Turn inside out the sac through the hole.

Step 6: Fill the bean bag cover using beanballs or cotton.

Step 7: Sew and enclose the opening.

Now you may have a fantastic phone bean bag!


You can create new patterns and designs! Also, can decorate those using fancy accessories such as teddy bear eyes buttons. 

Moreover, you can try round, oval, or pyramid shape, phone bean bags. The phone bean preparation process is pretty the same as large bean bags. The only difference is here; we produce the mini versions. 

Therefore, don’t confuse about the diameter. You can prepare phone bean bags using the same shape fabric pieces. The only thing is you should have to reduce the size or dimension!

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